What to know about who does this all. That's what this section is for, obviously. I like to twist things around a bit and keep you on your toes here at Delusional Designs.

I started Delusional Designs in 2001 with a simple mission. No boundries... I'm not bound by anything, I'm hear to give my clients an unique and non-standard design that works visually as well as functionally for everything and anything my clients need.

Really, I'm here to hit you with slick, fresh ideas, simple but still complex design (is that possible?) and a website that conveys all aspects and features you need. It's all about getting everything your business or organization needs to get you the best possible results without the headache, high costs, or unprofesionalism.

Delusional Designs will bring you to the top to succeed at every level of your business. I know what it means to bring you and your clients, visitors, and guests superior service at an affordable price.







Who I Am:

Delusional Designs is actually only one person. Yeah, I know it's pretty hard to believe. All these great ideas, designs and such from just one person...

My name is Adam Wood and Delusional Designs is my company. I started tweaking and creating websites when I was young and the internet was still in it's infancy.

Then in college I hit the books and studied web site development and management at Champlain College. Since then I've been making websites here and there for various people and businesses.

I started to make a few designs for tshirts and started Delusional Designs as a tshirt company. Later I decided to change it and go primarily with web design, my focus from the get go.

Today, Delusional Designs showcases my work and make my freenlance projects more streamline and puts them all together. Please enjoy your stay!-